Congratulations to Orv Hammond

Celebrating 70 Years 2014 is a very special year for all of us in the Hammond Transportation family as we celebrate Orv Hammond’s 70th year in business! By the way, Orvil also celebrates his 85th birthday on Feb. 23. Happy Birthday & Congratulations!

Orvil Hammond’s Early Years in Business
In 1943 (during war time) at the age of 14, Orv Hammond got a special permit to drive for Muskoka Garage. At that time there were few cars and rationed gas and the need for taxi service was compounded with the Norwegian Air Force Training base at the Muskoka Airport. In the fall of 1944, the high school principal, called Orv’s parents in to tell them that their son was not applying himself to his studies and it was suggested that he should leave school and “go to work.” With this motivation, go to work is exactly what Orvil did! Orv bought a 1938 Ford, and at age fifteen went into business.

Orvil Hammond

Teaming up with George Parlett they operated under the name “Park Taxi”. As business flourished, Orv moved to an office on Manitoba Street, now operating as Hammond’s Taxi he was in business for himself.

Orv bought his first new car in 1946 from Lakeland Motors, Parry Sound for $1,465.00! The salesman drove Orv to get his father to sign the finance contract because Orv was too young. That same year he increased his fleet by purchasing a second car. The following year (1947) Harold Hammond left his job at Muskoka Garage and went into business with Orv, a reversal of the usual son joining father route of most family businesses!

In 1947 Orv purchased Keith Gallagher’s delivery business, and later added a freight truck to begin the trucking aspect. Trucks served Muskoka and Parry Sound delivering general freight, and meat products. Orv even had the contract for the Bracebridge garbage pick up at one time. The taxi fleet soon grew to six cabs. In 1950, Orv contracted his first school route with Monck Township on what is now known as “Santa’s Village Road” to the Monck School.

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